We are Magnetizer…

We are a video production company.
We capture moving images to tell stories.
We work hard and enjoy every moment.
We see and understand your vision.
We… Wait! I swear I’ve heard this all before.

When it came to putting together our website and thus letting the world know who Magnetizer is, we thought we might change it up a little… We didn’t want to fall into the trap of regurgitating a played out formula in our paragraph pitch located on our ‘obligatory’ ‘about us’ page.

It wasn’t hard to change it up though, it was actually quite simple. As we work in a visual format we decided to create a series of short films. We came up with 5 words that we feel best represent who Magnetizer is and how we conduct business, then we turned those words into stories based on a theme or how we interpret that word.

An insight into each video and what it’s underlying theme means to us, can be found in the following blog posts. But if you want to cut to it, head over here now!